english ngacoo :p curahan hati

Hehehe in this post I want to tell you about my love story: D
It's about my first love and long-distance relationship.

He was my first boyfriend, and great for the first relationship, I do long distance relationships.
Certainly much to ask, why I want to do long-distance relationship ?
I do not know. Hahahaha very good answer. Yes-- because I really do not know.
I just know he is different from other boys, nature, .. and everything-- and I like it :)

3 months 6 days was we in relationship, but if know each other was more than a year. Old is'nt it?

In class I like to listen to the song and at the same time imagining her face hahahhaa very sad because he's far away.
Many friends ask?
Why do you want to do LDR?

Or there is a saying like this. makanyaa search boyfriend yang jelas' ajaa, don't look for which far..

Yep, this last sentence makes me feel a hard swat (hahhaaha lebaayy)
Maybe they think I'm weird, crazy, or something like that going through such a relationship.
maybe they think, I here only given empty hope, while he was having fun with each other.
But he always managed to make me believe, that only I, who was in his heart hahahaha
Whether who is right, my feelings or what they are saying?

At times like this, sometimes I feel desperate and want to end it all, but I always try to get up and become strong again. And who would try to smile again and not be cengeng in front of them. I'm a strong girl !!! : D
And I always remember the promise of our faithful to each other. and the last, which I always think, if in a situation like this.

Is there another boys, who better than him?

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