Wish You Were Here

I always be here waiting for you
comein back home
I keep our flowers grow, 
since we planted the seed many years ago

And I stare at the moon and hope we’ll meet there, 
hope we’ll meet there?‘cause I miss you
I wish you were here

I know it’s hard for you to stay
and so I let you go
But you promised me to never let me down
and said that you love me so

And I stare at the moon and hope we’ll meet there,
hope we’ll meet there
‘cause I miss you?I wish you were here

Make your dreams fulfilled,
and don’t forget to take me with you someday

ini lagu enak banget, ngena banget.
cocok buat miss-miss--an sama pacar (yg punya)
tapi satu pertanyaan, lagu ini gw dedikasiin buat siapaaaa???
ga ada! kasian..
yaudah denegrin aja deh yg penting hepi

2 komentar:

AkaneD'SiLa mengatakan...

beuh sumpah dalem bo'..

btw nhe lagunya sapa?
kasih tau ke FB aja ya :D

inidita mengatakan...

asli mba, cocok banget buat yg LDR :P *uhuk
ehhehe oke