suddenly she came to me with gloomy faces, and he told me that her handphone was losts.
she almost cried.
she was afraid father and mother scolded her.
"sist, sist.. my HP was lost... :("  *little whisper*
"what? what??"
"my HP was lost..i guess it was fell down.."
"Let's tell Mother and Father!"
"hmmm I'm scared sist :((("

I persuaded him to dare to told father and mother.
Finally, she dared to told that.
Mother and Father not angry bcz they know My sist was so scared.
They just shocked and soothe My sister.

Sist, you know? I'm little touched and.. hmm little happy when you suddenly came and told me like that :)
we never share about our BF, schoolmate, or anything.
bcz it's very meaningfull to me.
--it turns out you still consider me as your sister--


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