heloooo :D because now I'm bored and my bf is bored too, rarely he said he was bored and did not want to be disturbed. usually, he is often angry if I say anything like that. hahahah enough about my bf.

the day after yesterday i feel so broken hahaha ;'D
you're so vicious, have made me like this -____-
i cry in my class all of my classmates and my teacher looked at me because my tears fell so much.
they feel pity to me, they try to made me calm and stop cried. thank youu ;-* ;))
that moment that I feel just sad, weak, angry *semua campur jadi satu*
when I was little quiet, I suddenly remembered about him, and I cry again aaagghh ;@
and i kept cried until time to back home -.-
and i cried again when my bff comes, i cried on her shoulder :'(
yaaa sehariaaann itu teruusss aja nangis.
in night, when he contact me , i am getting sad.
i cry when he called me.
and thenn....... (just me and him who knows)

I want now is the best for me and him.
i was ready ;p


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JANU HERJANTO mengatakan...

mungkin kadang kamu harus menangis untuk meluapkan emosi,... itu hal yang wajar, jangan pernah menyesali apa yang telah di lakuin, karena itu tak akan kembali.

inidita mengatakan...

sip sip sip